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At Parramatta Tyres, we have the Tyres you need. We have the big brands for all types of Tyres including cars, trucks, 4x4s, vans, commercial vehicles, equipment, etc. We also have the special Car Tyre Offers In Parramatta like Buy 1 Tyre and Get the 2nd Tyre for Half-Price, that make your purchase one that doesn’t set you back. Aside from excellent Tyres deals, we also have excellent Tyre & wheel services like free safety checks, wheel alignments and restorations, and more. Visit our state of the art facilities, and organised Tyre showroom, or shop here online.

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We guarantee the best price with low prices and a price beat guarantee.

Tyres for Sale Parramatta

When it comes to Tyres for your vehicle, you want the best at the lowest prices. Just as the lowest and most secure Tyre repairs and restorations. Car Tyres Sale Parramatta offers both. Our technicians are OTR authorized, guaranteeing only the best quality repairs and restoration materials. Our team is also knowledgeable, helping vehicle owners with the best options in Tyres and wheels.

Our specials are always the best in Parramatta:

Buy a Tyre or a set of Tyres from Parramatta Tyres and get:

  • GST
  • Free safety check
  • Free standard wheel balancing
  • Tyre fitting
  • Tubeless valves
  • Environmentally-friendly Tyre disposal
  • Discount on pink slip
  • Discount on wheel alignment
  • Tread guarantee against manufacturing faults
  • Buy 1 Tyre and Get the 2nd Tyre for half-price

We carry all the big brands:

  • Bridgestone Tyres: Among racing drivers, the Bridgestone brand of Tyres is known for its racing powers. The brand is one that is rated among the top in the Tyre industry and one that embeds reliability, luxury, durability, and high performance. Bridgestone is a Tyre that is one of the best, and at Parramatta Tyres, you get them at the cheapest Tyre prices in Parramatta.
  • Dunlop Tyres: Dunlop Tyres is a brand the represents quality. The premium brand is one that offers innovations, performance, grip and durability for all types of vehicles.
  • Goodyear Tyres: Goodyear Tyres are known throughout the world as a Tyre that features safe driving and state of the art technologies to handle different road conditions.
  • Pirelli Tyres: Pirelli Tyres are top of the line Tyres that offer optimal performance. The manufacturer is one that is continually researching and furthering Tyres with innovations that are breakthroughs in the industry.

How to Check Your Tyre Profile:

  • Width: On Tyres, the width of the Tyre is measured in millimeters from one side of the Tyre to the other. You’ll find the width recorded as the first three digit number in the Tyre dimensions.
  • Profile (Aspect Ratio): The angle ratio is the part of the Tyre that measures the tallness of the Tyre’s cross-area to its width.
  • Wheel Size: The wheel’s diameter is the size of the rim that the Tyre is met to fit. The wheel rim is measured in inches.

Tyre Recycling

When you Buy Tyres From Parramatta Tyres, we offer free Tyre recycling. Our Tyre recycling is our contribution to keeping the environment green. All old and damaged Tyres are recycled to be used in the new manufacture of items like turf and athletic fields, and new Tyre manufacture. Get an eco-friendly Tyre recycles with Parramatta Tyres that keeps the environment green.

For more information on our Tyres for Sale in Parramatta, contact a specialist at the number below. We are available for stock checks, price quotes and for assistance.

Call us at 87987610 or 0414 969 969.

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