Silverstone Tyres

Since its first Tyre rolled off its manufacturer line in 1988, Silverstone has grown to serve over 60 countries with quality brand Tyres. Silverstone is a brand that represents some of the highest standards in the Tyre manufacturing industry. The Tyre Brand is well known for its superior Tyre performance and durability.

The manufacturer focuses on safe, reliable and high-performing Tyres manufactured using advanced innovations and technologies. Quality is always an issue with Silverstone, and the company is one that is well advanced in quality control systems, ensuring each Tyre that rolls off the line is one that proudly represents their name.

Silverstone manufactures Tyres for passenger cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles and trucks, rally vehicles, high-performance vehicles, 4x4s and industrial and agricultural Tyres for vehicles. As for international quality governing authorities, they have awarded Silverstone for their quality in Tyre manufacture. Authorities include UK’s E11, USA’s DOT Marking of Quality, ISO 9002 BVQI Certification of Quality Management and Malaysia’s SIRM.

As for vehicle owners, Silverstone is a company that caters to their customers’ needs. Buy Tyres of Silverstone will completely change your thoughts after using. The company is one that is continually introducing innovations and technology to the market, leading the way in new and advanced technologies within the industry.

Silverstone is also a manufacturer of off-road Tyre and wheel requirements. The company’s off-road Tyres are known throughout the world as quality Tyres that meet the conditions of off-road terrains.

For its industrial Tyres, Silverstone manufacturers a range of turf Y utility, lawn & garden, farm, industrial constructions, ATV, rough terrain, nonmarking and rubber tracks Tyres. The company is also well known for it low profile, tubeless, steel radials and radial market segments as the innovator in Tyre manufacturer.

Silverstone Winter Tyres

Vehicle owners have the control and grip as well as the high performance and durability with Silverstone’s winter Tyres. Winter Tyres manufactured by Silverstone are designed to retain flexibility in low temperatures (below +7C). The Tyres are constructed with a special tread rubber compound that helps to enhance braking and traction performance when driving in ice, snow and other winter road conditions, including icy, cold and wet roads.

Summer Tyres

Silverstone is one of the few Tyre manufacturers that produce a summer Tyre. The Tyres are designed to provide great performance at temperatures higher than 7°C. The company manufactures the Tyres using a special rubber mixture that provides optimal grip and short breaking distance. Silverstone's summer Tyres are an excellent choice in quality Tyres that meet safety and quality standards in a Tyre.

4x4 Tyres

Silverstone produces Tyres for 4x4 vehicles that are designed to offer maximum performance in rough and wet terrain. The high-performance Tyres offer advanced innovations for off-road driving, as well as rocky, muddy and asphalt roads, snow and sand dunes. The Tyres are highly rated and provide 4WD owners with the enjoyment of Tyres that meet the requirements for their off road ventures.

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