Goodyear Tyres

Nearly every vehicle owner is familiar with the Goodyear Tyre name. The manufacturer is among the three leading manufacturers of Tyres worldwide. With their position in the Tyre industry, you’ll often hear of new trend developments and innovations in tread designs. Parramatta Tyres sales Goodyear Tyres offering vehicle owners a full range of economy to high-performance Tyres at Cheap Tyre Prices.

Two versions of Goodyear Tyres are Fuelmax and Assurance ComfortTred Touring; both eliminate reduced tread wear and offer a smooth and quiet ride. Although the Tyres are not optimised for snow applications, they do respond fairly well to rainy conditions. Both are manufactured with a straight grooves tread design to reduce uneven tread wear. New Fuelmax Tyres come with a 65K mile warranty.

New ComfortTred comes with an 80K mile warranty.

For all season Tyres, Goodyear’s Assurance Triple Tread All-Season and Assurance Triple Tread Tyres are two good choices. The Tyres are optimized for both rainy and dry road conditions and light snow. With a design that is top of the line, vehicles are fitted with a good looking Tyre Brand.

Wrangler TD and Wrangler Radial

Wrangler TD & Wrangler Radial Tyres for sale at Parramatta Tyres are the quality Goodyear Tyres you expect. The Tyres are a cost efficient Tyre but one that doesn’t dismiss the good name of Goodyear. Wrangler TD Tyres for sale are available in 265/75R26 size and Wrangler Radial Tyres for sale are available in P235/75R15 size.

Wrangler Silent Armor

Wrangler Silent Armor is the top of the line all Goodyear terrain Tyre. The Tyre offers exceptional good wear, low noise while driving and great performance in snow, rain, and dirt.

Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar and Wrangler DuraTrac

For serious traction, Wrangler MT/R and DuraTrac are the best choice in Tyres. The DuraTrac is among Tyres that are rated somewhere in the middle of all terrain and mud terrain Tyres. The Tyre is one that idea for roads, offering good performance, and offering just as much traction in the mud. Both offer reduced wear tread characteristics. The MT/R with Kevlar is the most recent in mud Tyres manufactured by Goodyear. The Kevlar belting at the sidewall increases punctures resistance, great for off road adventures, something all 4-wheelers will appreciate. The Tyre also features an unusual tread style that is designed to provide optimal levels of traction.

Goodyear is a name that is known for quality and performance, and that is what vehicle owners can expect from the brand Tyres. The manufacturer produces Tyres that meet driving requirements. Aside from delivering performance, functionality, reduced tread wear, grip and control are all characteristics to expect from Goodyear Tyres.

Tyres For Sale Parramatta offers vehicle owners a complete stock of Goodyear Tyres providing the best options for on and off road driving requirements. With deals like buy 1 Goodyear Tyre and get the 2nd Goodyear Tyre for half-Price, and buy 2 Goodyear Tyres, get 2 Goodyear Tyres free, our prices can’t be beat! For assistance in selecting the best Tyre for your light truck, 4x4, car, SUV, etc, contact Parramatta Tyres. We are also available to check stock as well as to quote prices on Tyres. Call us at the number below, or complete our “Enquiry” form located at the top right of this page. We are here to fit you with the best option for your auto.

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