What The Text And Symbols On The Tyres Represent

People who own a car or are driving for someone else may probably take the condition of their tyres for granted. They prefer waiting till the tyres are completely flat or unless they are told by the officials that their tread is worn off below the legal limit. And when the time comes to purchase new tyres for their vehicles, mostly they will just ask for the cheapest ones available without even knowing why they are cheap. Here at Parramatta Tyre Sale, we are going to guide you about buying new tyres.

When Buying New Tyres

When you have decided to get a new pair of tyres for your vehicle, the first thing to do is contact a reputable 'tyres vendor' like Parramatta Tyre Sale. The first thing a tyre vendor will ask you is the registration of your vehicle to determine the dimensions of the tyre which comes recommended with your particular vehicle. Make sure that you check your current tyres against the New Tyres so you know you’re buying the right size.

The tyre shows Tyre Width, Tyre Profile, Tyre Size and Tyre Speed written on it in the respective order. Low profile tyres will have XL written on the tyre, right after the dimensions.

Fuel Efficiency, Tyre Grip and Noise Level Information

A legislation that was passed in 2012 made it mandatory for Tyre Sellers & Manufacturers to label tyres with fuel efficiency, tyre grip and noise level information on the tyre.

Fuel Efficiency

When tyres are in rolling against the road, this phenomenon is called as rolling resistance. If the rolling resistance of the tyres is less, it means that the tyres will cause your car to have a lower fuel consumption as well as low CO2 emission level.

Tyre Grip

Tyre grip information is used to represent the level of grip that the tyre will exhibit in wet conditions. A tyre that has a higher wet grip will allow you to have a short braking distance on wet roads as compared to a tyre with lower wet grip level.

Noise Levels

The noise that a tyre makes when rolling on the road is known as the noise level of the tyre. The unit in which this level is expressed in decibel(s). The indicator for noise level looks very much like a speaker indicator with 3 levels. The first and least level indicates that the tyre will make the least possible noise when in rolling, whereas the third indicator being the highest level of rolling noise for a tyre.

This makes shopping for new tyres much easier and straight-forward for a layman. If you have any further questions about tyres and where to get the best rates for good quality tyres, contact Parramatta Tyre sales at 0414 969 969.

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