Top Tips For Buying Car Tyres

Tyres play an important role in the safety of your car. After all, they are the vehicle’s only contact with the road. So, if a driver has tyres that are old or not properly maintained, they put themselves at risk along with others. Well-maintained and new tyres can contribute greatly to your safety, increased fuel economy, better handling, as well as a comfortable and quality ride.

Car Tyres Sale Parramatta have compiled a list of factors that should be taken into consideration while purchasing new tyres.

  • Need for new tyres?

It is integral to perform a visual inspection in order to decide whether you require new tyres or not. Since rubber deteriorates with exposure to oxygen, it is always better to check the condition in the span of 4-7 years. If you find excessive tread wear, cracked sidewalls, or any discoloration, it's probably time to get a new set.

Inspection of your car

It is important to check the alignment of your car before putting a new set of tyres. Choosing a new set of tyres for your misaligned car would not be beneficial in the long run. This is the reason why it is important to maintain your vehicle in order to save yourself from the additional expense.

Check the manual

A tyre’s size is listed on its sidewalls in a sequence such as P265/70R16. It is essential to match the replacement tyres according to the recommendation in the manual. If you don't have an owner’s manual, most manufacturers will sell you a replacement at a reasonable cost.

Fuel Economy

Fuel economy can be a major factor for some people. If you're considering buying a tyre that can assist in your vehicle's fuel economy, know that not all tyres are made alike. This means that not all replacement tyres are designed with fuel economy as a high priority.

Price vs Quality

As a customer, your focus is always to look for the perfect quality at a reasonable price. A low price does not necessarily mean low quality. Parramatta Tyresale ensures its customers to provide all the top brands at wholesale prices while maintaining the high quality of the product.

The Weather

The climate of your city is also an important factor to consider. For example, if temperature drops below 7 degrees, you will have to consider buying a set of winter tyres.

Choose the right dealer

It is advisable to look for a dealer who stores multiple brands and provide exemplary customer service. We, Tyres for Sale Parramatta have a specialised team who are experienced to assist you with your selection and provide added services such as tyre fittings, wheel alignment and more.

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